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3D photorealistic rendering of red aero Roadbike in a bike stand

3D Rendering

Product Visualization

Your products as renderings (fully digital created images) -from clean product views for e-commerce over abstract compositions to interior scene images for spatial illustration.

colourweekly creates the highest quality as well as most photorealistic product renderings that set your product apart from the competition. Product changes, including new color variants and product features, can be easily integrated into the existing product renderings. As a result, 3D renderings offer incomparable reproducibility to classic product photography.

3D Animation

Product & Explainer Videos

Your product is presented and explained in an animation down to the smallest detail. The diverse presentation possibilities of CGI put your product in the best possible light. Benefit from realistic and detailed product visualizations and the unlimited possibilities of CGI.

We offer you a perfect realization of your project that is neither location- nor time-bound and can therefore be implemented efficiently and climate-friendly.

3D photorealistic rendering of white Nike Air Force 1 standing on top of two bricks. The background shows rocks and a blurry mountain view.

VR/AR Content

Interactive Product Visualization

Realize complex virtual and augmented reality projects (VR/AR) together with colourweekly. Your products will be specially modeled and processed in 3D for integration into VR/AR. Even booth and showrooms can be realized in VR/AR according to your ideas.

3D photorealistic rendering of interior office scene. A desk with five chairs around and on the wood wall element side a hanging TV Monitor.


Consulting & Planning

colourweekly has extensive expertise in product presentation via CGI. We are happy to advise you on the most advantageous and efficient strategy for your product presentation. In exchange with you, colourweekly realizes your ideas and finds individual solutions according to your requirements.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

3D photorealistic rendering of Gameboy mini concept by Marlon Steinhage. The Gameboys are arranged in a circle ranging in colour from orange, red, blue, green, purple to turquoise.

and more...

colourweekly can accompany you during your R&D process for a cost- and time-efficient elaboration of product and color variants.

Furthermore, colourweekly can start with the production of your marketing content even before product maturity and market launch.

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We serve you excellent results.

Clay 3D Model of Cheeseburger with particles flying around it.3D photorealistic rendering of Cheeseburger with particles flying around it.

Sky is NOT the Limit.

The possibilities of product representation are unmatched in CGI. Take your product presentation to another level together with us and stand out from your competition.

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Endless possibilities.

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